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Studio Inventio was conceived with the idea of offering a range of stunning furniture, lamps, and art pieces, all made from the beautiful & versatile medium of cast acrylic. Articles range from opaque, translucent to transparent acrylic, unique pieces that lend aesthetics along with functionality. Pieces that will stand out in any area, and will reflect the flair & style of its buyers, making you fall in love with colors like never before.

Our creations bring a splash of vibrance, with spunk in their designs... be it furniture, lamps, home accessories, indoor & outdoor, the range is wide. Its customizable too.

We have products to enliven every environment, be it a villa or an apartment, poolside or garden, an office, a corporate reception, a hotel lobby, a professional's chamber, a restaurant, a pub, any setting you can think of. If aesthetics & beautiful colours are your thing, then this will be an acquisition you will cherish... and that is our promise!

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